Merrily Perilly Soundtrack + Art Book

Merrily Perilly Soundtrack + Art Book

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The media pack includes a 20 minute Merrily Perrily Original Soundtrack by Clark Aboud and 55 page digital art book with art by Jason Boyer and text by Ryan Pietz.

BONUS digital script for the entire game written by Ryan Pietz! This includes lines of dialogue not accessible through normal gameplay.

1. Merrily Perilly
2. Pause
3. Dehydration
4. Poison
5. Diarrhea
6. Fire
7. Leech
8. Bees
9. Downing
10. Blinded
11. Bleeding
12. Petrification
13. Depression
14. Haunted
15. Faith
16. This is Nice
17. The Cable Car
18. Taking Down the Count
19. Playing Hackysack
20. Over the Falls
21. Perry in Peril



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