Ticket OST

Ticket OST

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Ever been so moved by something that has no physical properties? Only the most pure of all auditory sensations can so strongly alter a human's emotion. THis. is exactly the kind of effect the masterful vibrational manipulations known as the Ticket Original Soundtrack (Ticket OST) has. Once entered the brain through yoru audio receptors (ears), you are not yourself anymore. You are nothing. You, there is no, "you". you are everything, all is one, one is you, you is nothing. Nirvana is reached. Thank you.


1. Fanfare
2. Ticket
3. File Select
4. Yellow Map
5. A World of Minor Differences
6. Caneen
7. Grocery Store
8. Dr. Drop It
9. Campfire
10. Old Man's Brain
11. Blue Map
12. Lude
13. Smoke Man
14. Red Map
15. Goes Down the Slip
16. Squares
17. The Snacke's Stomach
18. Traversing
19. Level 1
20. Green Map
21. Nanchi
22. Horse Park
23. Sunflower
24. Rainbow Weather
25. Friend
26. Train Track 1
27. Train Track 2
28. Devil
29. Cry
30. Beach
31. Digger
32. Dead
33. Cast 1
34. Cast 2
35. Space


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Graphics: 256mb
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
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