Sceal OST

Sceal OST

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In this DLC pack, you'll find the haunting and melodic soundtrack used in Scéal, including both instrumental and lyrical compositions, sung in Irish and made in collaboration with Irish folk singers Lorcan Mac Mathuna, Aislinn Duffy and Florence Glen.

Track listing:
01 - Chapter01
02 - Bean Na Mhuire (spring)
03 - Bean Na Mhuire (summer)
04 - Chapter02
05 - Cairlinn Agus ÒMéith (spring)
06 - Cairlinn Agus ÒMéith (winter)
07 - Chapter03
08 - Na Tithe Seo (winter)
09 - Na Tithe Seo (spring)
10 - Na Tithe Seo (summer)


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