Tower Arena

Tower Arena

Tower Arena is turn-based tactical PVP game. For centuries Regulars tried to go up the Tower, with most of them dying on the way. Will you be able to advance to unknown heights. To become a Tower's Ranker ? Or maybe... a king himself ?

About This Game

Tower Arena is a fast-paced strategy fighting game. Gather your team of three and win battle after battle, climb the Tower and prove to everyone you're a worthy king of the Tower.
Every playable character has a set of unique abilities and a couple of class bonuses. Build your tactics on their strengths and weaknesses, and don't forget about your opponent's might.

  • RANKING SYSTEM! Go higher and higher on the tower, win fights and advance to 135th floor, after which you may be called a Ranker, but only the best can be a King. (To be added midJune along with Leaderboards)
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! Invite friends and determine who's more worthy of the title. (To be added in June)
  • POSSIBILITY IS ENDLESS! Plenty of different mechanics, great variety of classes and big amount of characters make sure that game doesn't get stale ever, and a competent team of developers will make sure that no single combination of characters rules the Tower.
  • RISE TO THE TOP! See how you rank among all Rankers in the in-game leaderboards, after you reach top floor. Sky is the limit for all of you.

Join our Discord server to share your insight and ideas related to the game, posted in 'External links' section.
At the moment of release the game is being rather unbalanced, but we all hope that step by step it will turn into something magnificent.


    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
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